A Canoe Outrigger Like No Other

Have you ever left gear at home because you didn’t have enough room in your canoe or flipped your canoe and lost the gear you did bring? Or have you left your dog or your children at home because you weren’t comfortable bringing them along in an unstable canoe?  Wingman Outfitter has designed a patent pending product that:

  • Increases usable space and provides additional seating capacity by placing your coolers and gear outside of the canoe
  • Provides families with children peace of mind when floating due to additional stability
  • Allows your dog to comfortably join you by utilizing the platform as a great place to sit or lie down
  • Adds additional dry or cold storage
  • Allows for all season camp floating without fear of flipping your boat into cold water and losing expensive gear
  • Provides a platform that gives fisherman a better point of view and can convert to a camping table

See our product teaser video

A four seasons product for all your canoeing activities.  Contact us to receive information and updates or if you are interested in purchasing the product you see pictured.

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